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James Osolnick


Scottsdale, AZ, USA

Video editingSound designColor grading

Zachary DeFreze


Los Angeles, CA, USA

CinematographyVideo editingColor grading



Glendale, CA, USA

Video editingColor gradingAnimation

Grant Gadbois


Los Angeles, CA, USA

Video editingCinematographyEditor

Connect with creatives from all over the world.

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Showcase your best work in a platform that's dedicated to your chosen medium -- video! Once you sign up, you'll get a custom link that you can use for your resume or social media to share your best work to the public. You also get to connect with other like-minded peers who create diverse content, from comedy to horror, and in various formats, like short films or documentaries. And these aren't your average video creators -- our members have won awards at various film festivals here and abroad.


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Frequently asked questions

  • Who can join the Creatives Club?

    We’re looking for any and all creative professionals. You can upload all types of video content on the platform, whether you’re a documentary filmmaker or short-form ads editor. We developed this platform for you to showcase your passion projects or professional work in your very own portfolio that you can share to open up opportunities for collaboration or employment.

    You can sign up here with your email address and start creating your portfolio by linking to your Vimeo or YouTube uploads

  • What can I expect when I sign up?

    Your portfolio on the site is free and customizable. It also has a custom link you can share on your resume or social media to showcase your best work.

    Aside from the portfolio and features page, our most recent addition is a Jobs page which we update with employment opportunities that range from remote freelance work to full-time. We continue to develop features for the platform, some as suggested by members, so if there’s something you wish to see, feel free to email

  • Who’s behind the Creatives Club?

    The education company, Jumpcut ( created the Creatives Club. We’ve been around for 7 years, and have a collection of video courses on how to start your own YouTube Channel, how to create effective video advertising, and how to build your own online product.

    Creatives Club is our newest project, and came to life when we realized that the video editors we hired were looking for an online network to collaborate with other talented creators. Most of their networking happens on Instagram, which isn’t ideal for your work portfolio.

  • Is there a fee to join or to maintain my portfolio?

    Creatives Club will always be free, forever. We will never require you to pay anything to create or maintain a portfolio with us, and we will never charge you to use our site.

    Creatives Club is our way of giving back to the community of creators by developing a forever-free site that will allow filmmakers and video editors to show off their work, discover other people’s work, and collaborate with people they might not have had the chance to interact with otherwise.

  • What will you do with the videos when I add them to my portfolio?

    The videos you add to your portfolio will be available online and will have the same display settings as your Vimeo or YouTube uploads. So you have full control on what is available for public consumption.

    Your videos will also remain your intellectual property, and you may remove your videos or information from the site at any time. If you want to delete your entire portfolio page, you may email, and we will delete it for you.

  • I have an idea for how to make this site better! How do I submit feedback?

    We just recently launched Creatives Club, and we’re currently in the development process for many user requested features. Most of the current features on the site now were directly influenced by user suggestions.

    If you have something that you’d like to see, or want to report a bug, please email, and we’ll get back to you!

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